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Refund and Privacy Policies

As the directory provides an advertising service refunds are not available.  You are able to cancel your membership if you do not wish for your listing to be renewed at the end of the billing term you have chosen.  

You must do this by logging into your profile and modifying your settings prior to the renewal date or you will be charged and no refunds will be given.  

This includes the semi-annual and annual terms.  Your listing will remain active for the term you have chosen - 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.  There are strictly no pro-rata refunds.  If you are not sure you will be committed to your business for the length of the term that you are choosing then we suggest you choose the shortest term you are comfortable with.

If you wish to downgrade your account for the next period then you can contact us and we will make the necessary adjustments.  

The directory platform is designed and optimized for the promotion of one company per listing.  Cross-promotion of multiple companies will weaken the SEO capabilites of the listing.  We recommend you create multiple listings if you are with more than one company. No responsibility will be taken by Sassy Direct if you are not in compliance with your individual company P & P's

You can find the full website Terms of Use here.

You can find the website Privacy Policy here.

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