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What to add to your Direct Sales Facebook Fan Page

What to add to your Direct Sales Facebook Fan Page

Now that you have your shiny new Facebook Fan page for your direct sales Saveur business, the question always is, what should I add to it. (if you haven't set up your page already, check out this article on how to set it up!)

One of the biggest mistakes people make is turning their page into a full throttle promotion and marketing commercial.  Every post is "BUY THIS, ON SALE, BUY NOW, BOOK NOW" - it can feel like you are yelling at your customers all the time and they will stop coming back to check it out.  

Brenda Ster of SassySuite teaches a concept called the 3P's and you can grab her free download of this guide RIGHT HERE!  (and as a side note - if you are not in her free group - you need to be! There are THOUSANDS of people learning the trick of the trade from her, and you want to be one - you can join me and all the other #suitehearts here.

Back the the 3Ps - this is a good mix of personality, promotion, and purposeful content that you can share on your Business Page, as well as your VIP group.  
For something like Saveur, some great ideas of personality would be
- images of you cooking, you shopping for food, meals that you have made at home  (personality)
- links to tools that people can use, reviews of kitchen utensils (purposeful)
-special that are coming up, new products (promotional)
- you can also share articles from other sources (health and nutrition groups, top chefs things like that)
-ask questions - "What are you making for dinner tonight? What sort of ingredients do you have in your fridge?

In the whole "teach a man to fish" analogy, your Facebook Fan Page is "this is how great the fish looks, you want one right?".  You aren't necessarily going to give people the recipes to every shot of the food you cook.  (You can save that for your VIP GROUP - more on that here).  Because this is public facing.  You DO want to include links for people to shop and for people to join your VIP groups.  

And the questions about how often should you post on your page.  I suggest to my team to do between 7-10 posts a week in total.  But, when you are using graphics etc.  You want to be able to brand yourself.  Not always use the corporate images that are given to you - and the reason for that, if you use an image that is used a lot by others, you can end up in facebook jail.  Two great tools for branding yourself are and using Brenda's Brand Yo'Self course.  Even though I had 10 years marketing my previous business, this course helped me solidify things about my branding for my Saveur with the Bakers and other Youngevity Businesses.  

The key to your Facebook Fan Page is to keep it fun and a resource for people to keep coming back to!

Hope this article helps - I would love to see you join me in our Savour with the Bakers - VIP group - The Chef's Table - come and join us right here.  

And you can always reach us here on our Facebook Fan Page :D 

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