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What is Willing Beauty?

What is Willing Beauty?

It seems like everyone in my circle of friends is asking “What is Willing Beauty?” The company hasn’t even launched yet, but there’s already a growing buzz. Willing Beauty is a better for you skin care company with two lines: Willing Beauty adult women skin care and Willa teen skin care.

What is Willing Beauty? HY+5

The HY+5 proprietary complex combines six skin care powerhouses into one anti-aging, moisturizing product!

HY: Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a moisture skin care superstar! This moisture magnet holds 1000 times its weight in moisture. Different molecular weights absorb into multiple skin layers, so it doesn’t just lay on top or moisturize the top-most layer of your skin. HY goes deep into your skin, moisturizing below the surface and has been known to increase skin smoothness and help ameliorate (a fancy way of saying make better) wrinkles.

Vitamin C

An anti-aging superstar. Vitamin C accelerates collagen synthesis, evens skin tone and helps prevent cell damage.

Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil

Come again? Y’all ever seen a cactus? They thrive in the dessert, where it’s dry. Because they rock at retaining moisture! This highly effective moisturizer enhances suppleness & firmness and provides short and long term soothing.

Marine Glycoproteins

More anti-aging goodness. Marine glycoprotein help reduce appearance and depth of wrinkles and protects against dryness.

Alpine Edelweiss Flower

The Alpine Edelweiss Flower provides protection to keep your skin beautiful for years to come with potent levels of antioxidants that fend off free radicals.

Deep Sea Hydrothermal Enzymes

More protection because this is the only face your getting! Deep sea hydrothermal enzymes provide UV protection and anti-aging prevention.

What is Willing Beauty? Better For You

Chemicals are everywhere! They’ve been increasingly added to our food, our cosmetics, our skin care, our lives over the years. In the European Union, over 1,300 ingredients have been banned for use in cosmetics, while only 30 are banned in the US.

Willing Beauty avoids the use of endocrine, disruptors including parabens & phthalates, chemical sunscreens, plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrance and more. Ingredients are selected with human health as a top priority.

Willing Beauty is never tested on animals. Ever!

What is Willing Beauty? The Regimen

Willing Beauty is a five step regimen designed to protect your skin today and love your skin tomorrow. See all five steps here.

What is Willing Beauty? The Opportunity

Willing Beauty is a social selling company that provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to become the CEO of their own company or hobbyists to earn a little extra money. Learn more here.
I hope this answers your What is Willing Beauty questions. If you have more questions, contact me or connect with me on Facebook.

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