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What is Microblogging and How You Can Use it for Your Direct Sales Business

What is Microblogging and How You Can Use it for Your Direct Sales Business

What is Microblogging?

Traditionally microblogging is known as a combination of blogging and 'instant messages' that are posted and shared with an online audience.  At its most micro you have platforms like Twitter - where a message is shared in 140 characters. Instagram is another platform where users share images and text in short format.  Then you have the ability to microblog on platforms such as Facebook where short messages can come in the form of a variety of content formats including text, images, video, audio, and hyperlinks.

The trend evolved around the later end the Web 2.0 era after social media and traditional blogging merged to create a way that was easier and faster to communicate with people online and keep them informed about relevant, shareable information at the same time.

All of these social media platforms are types of microblogging and they have become popular platforms for marketers, small businesses and even direct sellers to use to promote their businesses.  The problem is, people really don't want to be sold to on these platforms.

Blogging is the Top of the Social Media Pyramid

While all the popular social media sites are vital components of a social media marketing plan the most powerful platform any business can have is their own blog or website.  It is a platform that a business is able to control, promote and grow without the constraints of social media platforms.  Problem is, blogging and running a site isn't easy. It requires time, financial commitment, tech knowledge and a solid plan to keep things running.  Those things are often not achievable for smaller businesses and solopreneurs.

Microblogging on a Hosted Directory Platform    

On traditional blogs to make the most of SEO you need to write posts that are between 300-500, use your SEO superpowers to help the article rank, promote on all your channels and of course make sure all your blogging technology is working properly, your hosting is powerful enough for your traffic, etc, etc.

Using a microblog platform like Sassy Direct to blog about your direct sales business means you can simply post your short form content, add some relevant tags to aid the SEO, a nice image or two for Pinterest and hit publish.  The rest is taken care of behind the scenes by the hosted platform.  

The best part is the power of the SEO (search engine optimization) that the directory has.  The volume of posts and links that are created through the directory show it as an authority to search engines improving the chances of your content being found faster than through traditional blogs.  It can take months or even years for smaller blogs to be found online until their site has proven its authority.  

More Benefits of Microblogging Versus Traditional Blogging

Why would anyone want to start posting on a microblogging site? 

Less time spent developing content: It takes time to write or put together content for a lengthy blog post. With microblogging, on the other hand, you can post something new that takes as little as a few seconds to write or develop.

Less time spent consuming individual pieces of content: Because microblogging is such a popular form of social media it's worth being able to quickly get the gist of the post in a short, straight to the point format without needing to read or watch something that takes too much time.

The opportunity for more frequent posts: Traditional blogging involves longer but less frequent posts while microblogging involves the opposite (shorter and more frequent posts). Since you're saving so much time by focusing on just posting short pieces, you can afford to post more frequently.

An easier way to share urgent or time-sensitive information: Most microblogging platforms have been designed to be easy and fast to use. This allows you to grab hold of trending topics and create posts that take advantage of current search trends to promote your business.

An easier, more direct way to communicate with followers: Besides being able to communicate better with more frequent and shorter posts, you can also use microblogging platforms to easily encourage and facilitate more interaction through commenting, tweeting, sharing, liking and more. 

Sassy Direct offers several different types of microblogging including event sharing, photo albums, product listings, video and audio sharing as well as traditional member article blog posts.  All of these features allow you to cross promote content you create on different platforms and allow you to build your online presence by showing search engines you are an authority in your niche.  The more often content is found and associated with you online the more your authority is established.

Want more reasons why you should use a microblogging platform like Sassy Direct to promote your direct sales business?  Check out this blogging series by our premium member Kristy Empol on her her blog Forever Sparkly.  She's written a four part series on how microblogging has helped her grow her business online.

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