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How to Use Thirty-One to Organize Your LulaRoe Business

How to Use Thirty-One to Organize Your LulaRoe Business

Thirty-One can be used to help organize any home based business. Today, I would like to focus on one example. 

Meet Melissa Lindenfield Shoop. Melissa is a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer from Danville, PA. Melissa joined LuLaRoe a year ago in January 2016. She has been enjoying the successes of her business, Tru LuLaRoe, and happens to be an avid Thirty-One lover. Melissa uses Thirty-One in many different areas of her business every day.

Here are a few examples of different totes and storage bins Melissa uses to help keep her organized:

- Square Utility Tote & Square Storage Bin for storage and transporting things from one place to another.

- Your Way Cube for shows.

- Large Utility Tote for smaller items.

- Your Way Bins are great for keeping pens and smaller giveaway items together at vendor events.

Whether you are looking for something to help store, display or transport your Lula Roe, Thirty-One offers several different options. Check out the Storage and Utility or Home sections to explore some different options.

In addition to the many Thirty-One options for storage and transporting solutions, Thirty-One's business supplies make for excellent gifts, giveaways or team incentives. Of course, these options are only available to order as a Thirty-One consultant. Interested in learning more about joining Thirty-One? I'd love to chat and answer any questions you have. Contact me today and we can set-up a time to chat that is convenient for you.

Thirty-One can also be used for other things within your business too.

The hostess goodie bags, magnetic bookmarks, key fobs, nail files, and mini zipper pouches are just a few things Melissa likes to order for her incentives and giveaways in her LuLaRoe group.

Don't forget, Thirty-One also offers stationery options as well. Melissa utilizes Thirty-One's card sets to send to her team members and customers. The Inspirational Card Set and the Celebrate Card Set are perfect for this purpose.

Check out what some of Melissa's team members have to say about using Thiry-One in their business.

Here is what Anne Moore Sabatos and Theresa Likert of The Bling Sisters have to say about using Thirty-One for their LuLaRoe business:

"I love my Thirty-One tote, and bag. I use the shopping tote to deliver our LuLaRoe orders, and I carry my price list, business cards, calculator and money bag in my shoulder tote. I also bought the matching cooler bag, and had it monogrammed to take cold drinks to events! I love Thirty-One, the durability, and the monogramming makes it my go-to bags!"

"Love using my Large Utility Tote to carry my leggings! Fits a ton and looks great!"

 Jenn Ellsworth of LulaBrick Road loves utilizing Thirty-One to organize her business:

“As a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer, I worried about how I would be able to keep myself organized. With the help of Thirty-One’s Your Way Cubes and their Hang-It-Up Organizers, I am able to store my leggings without cluttering the room. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Catch-All Bins, which will give me a beautiful way to display my leggings.”

Whether you are a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer or an obsessed fan (It's ok, many of us are!), the Stand Tall Bin makes a great laundry basket option to help keep those buttery soft leggings from getting mixed up with other clothes and washed on the wrong cycle. 

Are you ready to get organized? You can check out more Thirty-One products on my site here: or come on over and join us in my community group Tote-ally Lisa's Community.  We love to connect with others!  And you get the inside scoop before everyone else does. "wink"


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