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How Getting Listed in a Directory Helps Your Business

How Getting Listed in a Directory Helps Your Business

You are probably wondering what the fuss is all about. Why should you take the trouble to list your business in a business directory?

There are two main benefits…

The first is that it gives your business increased visibility.

Search engines love well-built and well-managed business directories because they index businesses by category and geography.

Google search holds many of these sites in high regard, so when you’re listed on good local directory websites, your business will quickly receive a dramatic boost in search rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO), the hunt for the top results on Google for the search terms relevant to your business, is a tricky discipline that’s constantly evolving. But listing on local directories remains one of the SEO tactics that’s easiest and offers the most impact. – Source: Wix

When you list your business you increase the chances and the number of ways that potential customers can discover your business. Especially those looking for local businesses.

The second is that it increases your online authority.

And it does that in two ways. First, by association, because when potential customers see your business in the directory it gives them proof that you are a legitimate business. Not a fly-by-night.

Business directory listings have become a key part of your online identity or footprint. – Source: Game Plan Geek

The other way in which it boosts your authority is by the value the search engines place on the links from the business directory back to your own website. Having these ‘back links’ as they are called, will move your website higher up the search rankings.

With search engines being one of the top ways consumers find local businesses, you’ve likely given some thought to how to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). 

In order to understand how local directory listings can help improve your search engine performance, it’s worth taking a look at some of the cues search engines such as Google use to determine how to rank local businesses within their results pages:

  • Technical on-page factors such as sitemaps, URL structure, metadata and tagging
  • Keyword usage and content
  • Mobile optimization
  • Consistency of details such as your business name address and phone number
  • References and online links to your business by other credible websites, which act as “link juice” or votes of recommendation for your site
  • Reviews 

The reason directories contribute so powerfully (to the last few points in particular) is due to the emphasis search engines place on citations and link building to learn more about your business. Consistency is important here, search engines look for the exact same details and format in references to your business, and taking ownership of your local listings can help you ensure your information is the same in all instances. Even if the listing doesn’t have a link back to your website, search engines count the instance of the consistent information about your business as a citation and use this as a signal of trustworthiness.

When your business appears in directories, you also benefit from the credibility local directory sites have already built up with search engines.  This is why when you conduct your own searches for businesses, you’re more likely to see directory sites within the first few results.

There’s benefit in numbers too: the greater the number of consistent listings of your business that exist across reputable websites, the greater your chances of turning up.

But those are not the only two benefits you’ll get. Here’s more:

  • Unlike website management, these listings are exceptionally easy to create and manage. And they don’t require any special skills. Making it a time efficient way to boost your online identity without having to create your own self-hosted site. That said if you have your own blog or website already it's an ideal way to build your SEO and traffic to your primary site.
  • Compared to a website they are exceptionally cost effective. And many small businesses prefer them over having the capital outlay and monthly maintenance costs associated with a website.
  • They boost your reach considerably by making you visible to large numbers of people searching for local businesses. Especially those that use mobile devices.
  • Small businesses also face tough competition. Listing on a directory can give your business more recognition than those who have not any online presence. Browsers will contact you directly to know more about your services. This is one of the major advantages of local online directories.
  • Sassy Direct offers blogging capability for Premium listings. This allows you to have all the benefits of blogging without the financial commitment required for a self-hosted website. You also get the benefit of the SEO of the entire directory website.
  • Ability to post events, photo albums and videos to promote what you have to offer as well as receiving customer reviews.

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