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How Can I Promote My Direct Sales Business Online?

How Can I Promote My Direct Sales Business Online?

Are you a direct sales consultant struggling to stand out from others in your brand? These tips can help.

Did you know that 1 in 7 homes in the U.S. is part of a direct sales business? This is great for the industry but with  direct sales businesses everywhere— it seems only a select few consultants build highly successful businesses.

With the competition increasingly fierce and restrictions on what consultants can do to market themselves in line with the main brand, new direct sellers are often discouraged when sales don’t start pouring in.

But there is hope! Even consultants who don’t have  marketing budgets or a solid understanding of Internet/social marketing can build an incredibly profitable businesses.

Here are the things you need to do to make your direct sales efforts explode.

Establish Credibility and Expertise

What makes you different? With thousands of consultants around the country selling the same things you do, being different is critical. Sit down and create a list of the things about you that make you unique compared to all the other consultants out there.

Some questions to consider:

  • What extra value can I add that other consultants don’t offer? Free local delivery? A newsletter with tips your customers can use?
  • What makes me more qualified to sell these products? Are you a personal chef who sells kitchen products? A talented home cook willing to share recipes?
  • What made me love this business as much as I do? All-natural products? The company’s great reputation?

Remember the answers to these questions as you craft your sales and marketing messages and build social engagement with your audience. You'll use this message across all of your online efforts.  

Want more details about branding yourself? Check out this on demand video course from Sassy Suite - 'Personal Branding' This 1-hour video session introduces the direct seller to the concept of personal branding, and includes topics on understanding the key elements of branding:  how you want to be known, who is your ideal client, and what is your key message.  

Leverage the Power of Content Marketing

One of the first lessons you’ll learn as a direct sales consultant is to make use of social media platforms to promote your business. Facebook admits fan pages only reach about 16% of their audience organically—meaning if you want to capture more, you’ll have to pay to do it. For the direct sales consultant on a budget, this isn’t always practical so you’ve got to go further and do more.

Content marketing involves creating content, such as a blog, to provide customers with information without asking them to spend a dime. From there, you’ll promote that content to spread the word about your business. Make the content easy for your loyal customers to share.

Building Your Presence via Blogging

Every person in direct sales should have a blog of their own. 

Many direct sellers are busy selling, filling your funnels and coaching your teams. You may send email newsletters or have a Facebook group. You may be posting to Instagram, or have started using Instastories or maybe Snapchat. Your customers are getting to you know better via social posts, but your blog is like the in-depth version of branding yourself.

If you haven’t already, start a blog that complements your direct sales business. 

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your consultant agreement for rules about how to do this. Many companies do not allow you to use the company name in your domain. Choose a domain that relates to the product and does not violate your contract.

To be effective, add value for your customers, and the sales will start coming in on their own. Your blog should include tips and tricks to enhance the customer experience.

You must understand what your customers want and establish yourself as the solution.

Not sure how to start a blog? We've got you covered here at Sassy Direct our premium level comes with a blogging feature.  You can use our micro-blogging platform as your online home for your direct sales blog.  You can get a feel for blogging without the need of worrying about the technical back-end operations of running your own blog like hosting, finding a theme and maintaining your site (and it's more economical too).  You also get the benefit of our SEO optimization - we can even show you how to use your own domain name and re-direct it to your Sassy Direct profile!

If you are ready to go all-in with blogging Sassy Suite can support you with that as well - with the Blogging Bootcamp that is offered 3 times a year.  We will get you set up on your own domain and hosting, show you how to build your site and maintain it as well as help you get started creating content (and how you can use Sassy Direct to get even more out of your blog).

Use Social Media the Right Way

Social Media can be a powerful tool in growing your business. That said there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it.  Spamming your online friends with a constant bombardment of 'buy my stuff' is a really quick way to find yourself unfriended and alone on your social media accounts.  However, done right you can build your warm market and grow your business.

With the right approach you can use social media platforms to establish yourself as a 'go-to' person for your company by providing value and sharing your personality in a genuine and engaging way.  If you want to find out how to do this make sure to come and join The Socialite Suite for free tips on social marketing for direct sellers.

Online Business Directories

When someone Googles your company in your local area - do they find your name? 

Online business directories such as Sassy Direct help you to establish yourself as an authority for your brand.  Showing up in search engine results shows you are a leader in your industry and company.  Even just a basic free listing will greatly improve your chances of being found online.  Using advanced options such as photo albums, events and member articles make your listings work even better.  Many of our feature and premium members are establishing themselves on page one of Google in search results for their companies.  

These are just a few tips for helping you promote your direct sales business online.  Using tools such as social media, blogging, directories and branding yourself are all ways to make you stand out.

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