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Gift Giving Guide 2017 - The Best of Direct Sales

Gift Giving Guide 2017 - The Best of Direct Sales

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Sassy Direct is the leading on line directory for boutique business owners and direct selling professionals. We help connect consumers with passionate small business owners who sell unique top quality products from some of the best known direct sales companies around the world. We are proud to also have many members who are creative artisans or independent boutique business owners who sell unique and one of a kind items.

Members Favorite Gift Ideas

We recently asked our members to share their best gift ideas and favorite products with us for the upcoming holiday season.The result is this gift giving guide, where we've gathered  together  a collection of products from a variety of direct sales and boutique companies that are represented on Sassy Direct.  With products to suit every budget and member of the family, you can quickly tackle your gift list without every having to leave the comfort of your home. 

Why Would You Want to Buy From Direct Sales Businesses?

When you think about it, a home-based business is the ideal shopping experience for anyone who wants to shop but does not want to deal with the mall. Direct sales events are gatherings of people who, for the most part, already know each other or are all there for the same purpose. The social bonding that happens at a direct sales event can be a significant draw for people who have never experienced it before.

A direct sales experience is the ideal social event for people who love to shop. There are no parking hassles, there is no army of sales people pushing products, the atmosphere is friendly and not tense and your customers can examine products at their own pace. 

These days you don't even need to have an event to purchase! A large majority of direct sellers now have their own website where you can order directly and get just what you want - no party, no fuss (but they are still the best way to get amazing value, bonuses and discounts!)

We hope you enjoy browsing our interactive multi-media guide and we look forward to seeing you  on Sassy Direct. Happy Shopping! 

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