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Get ready to play! Peekaboo Beans Launches in the US

Get ready to play! Peekaboo Beans Launches in the US

At Peekaboo Beans, play is serious business! The wildly successful Canadian children’s clothing company is on a mission to preserve play, not just for children, but for families. And now, that play extends to US families!

“Our busy lifestyles are shifting away from free play, which really is the work of children,” said founder Traci Costa. 

Since 2006, Peekaboo Beans has been creating clothing that is free from snaps, buttons and fuss. It was Costa’s own experience with her child’s reluctance to play, the uncomfortable clothing dug into her skin, that led to birth of Peekaboo Beans. Comfortable clothing means no snaps, buttons, zippers and other elements that can irritate a child’s skin. The result is not only more comfortable clothing, but clothing that is made to match a child’s development, so they can become more independent and dress themselves.

Peekaboo Beans puts health and safety first and moms rave about the ethically-manufactured clothing and accessories for infant, up to children size 10. All of their clothing is free of heavy metals and metals and chemicals, including carcinogenic dyes and finishes that can be absorbed by the skin.

But what makes the brand so beloved is Peekaboo Beans durability and versatility. They use  custom-made fabrics with a high thread count to ensure longevity, sustainability and the ultimate in comfort. Their clothing is designed to grow with the child, dresses become tunics and pants that turn into shorts.

"My kids LOVE their Peekaboo Beans clothing,” said Brenda Ster, Peekaboo Beans fan and founder of The Socialite Suite.  “The fabric is so soft, that both Leigha and Jack have been known to sleep in them!"

Peekaboo Beans is only available through independent stylists and not sold in stores.  “Our direct selling model has the type of compensation plan that will help parents stay home with their children,” Costa said. 


“I absolutely love watching my kids grow up in Beans! It feels so good knowing they are always comfortable and ready to play,” stylist Allison Wurzer said. “I have been able to build and run a business from home on my own terms. I have had the chance to set big goals and achieve them, learn about myself, style my kids in these amazing clothes and connect with so many amazing people across Canada.”

Peekaboo Beans US launch is open now!  The US launch offers a ground floor opportunity with an established direct sales company with a track record of success. Peekaboo Beans US stylists can enjoy commissions of 15-35% on their sales, a personal discount of 25%, no minimum purchases or monthly quotas and more. 

“I have taken my family of five to the happiest place on earth every year I have been a Stylist. We all share a passion for travel, and the bonding we have done on these trips has been priceless. I work for my kids, and I work for play, and I work to have fun,” said stylist Tiffany Hedges Larsen.

A limited number of $499 business builder kits, featuring 22 must-have wardrobe staples, enhanced business tools plus a bonus winter coat, are available now. For more information on the Peekaboo Beans US opportunity, click here

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