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Your Future as a Piphany Stylist

Your Future as a Piphany Stylist

What an exciting time in your life.  You’ve decided, made a commitment, told your family, friends and the Universe that you’re going to start your own in home, mobile, boutique business that will be filled with the amazing and beautiful Piphany clothing!! 

Wow! What a time to be alive!   

But now that you’ve decided, where do you go from here?

By the time you’re reading this, you’ve already spoken to a bunch of consultants and chosen the right one for you, or maybe you’ve befriended a Piphany Stylist already and that is whom you want to lead and guide you through your journey.  

That’s a good first step.  They’ve probably told you the details on how Piphany Stylists are encouraged to buy only what you can afford, never more, and focus on selling what you have -- quality versus quantity.  You’ve also probably been told about what kinds of space you’d need for your new inventory, what equipment you’ll need to do in home boutique parties, etc etc  

AND you’ve probably even been told about Piphany’s new way they’re doing their own onboarding process.  BUT have you really thought about what you’ll need and what you’re going to do as a Stylist to make your business a success?  

Becoming a Piphany Stylist is more than just an impulsive decision to buy a kit and see where things go.  Between the approximate $2600 financial investment you will make minimum (just to buy the clothing), and the hours of time you will devote to building your business (parties, events, team building, etc), deciding to become a Piphany Stylist should not be taken lightly.  Even as a part time gig, you will find yourself probably working your business more than you might have at one time anticipated. This knowledge alone, is incredibly crucial when deciding where your Piphany Future will take you.  This is why Piphany has put into place a system, which from the beginning, creates a sense of security in helping you as an entrepreneur develop a solid foundation before you even launch your business.

So, the question remains is how should YOU prepare for starting what could be your FUTURE CAREER with Piphany?!

The steps are simple:

1) Policies & Procedures


Get with your sponsor-to-be and get your hands on a copy of the Policies & Procedures.  Go through the policies with her/him and take note of any questions that may arise as you do so.  You can ask your sponsor but you can also wait and ask them directly from Piphany themselves.  Their onboarding team will email you a copy and ask if you have any questions once your sponsor sends in your contract anyways, but it’s always good to prepare and see what you can and cannot do before joining any company.  

2) Create a Business Plan

One thing that Piphany does differently than most other Direct Sales companies, is conduct actual interviews between the business-seekers and members of the corporate onboarding team.  This is done via phone and depending on how prepared Piphany believes you are for taking on Piphany as a business endeavor, will determine whether or not your contract is accepted.  

Piphany reserves the right to deny anyone Stylist status that they deem not a good fit for the company.  To make sure that you are ready and prepared for launching your own Piphany business and answering any questions they may have of you during the interview, you should choose a sponsor willing to work with you to create a perfect business plan based on what the company is looking for.  


Now that you’ve onboarded, stick with the plan!  The reason Piphany is different is because it makes sure those whom come prepare, succeed!  For everyone, there is a lot riding on such a decision that it is to start your own boutique business.  There’s a lot of time and energy that will be needed during your growth period, and even in just keeping consistent throughout. Your passion will guide you, and the amount of work you put in will pay off!  After you have a plan, my only suggestion would be to work on time management and schedule your work hours so that the priorities of family and life are not overlooked by priorities one sets for their business.  You can have it all, it just takes time, patience, and a little bit of organized chaos. 

Your future with Piphany is a bright one, but it won’t be all smooth sailing.  Building any business requires a bit of gull and stamina.  Statistically, most businesses take three to five years of growth to fully peak!  Three to five YEARS!!  Making  it through an interview process that has you building a plan rather than going into it blindly is just the first step, but it’s one that can impact your business incredibly, allowing you to hit the ground running as soon as you open the front doors! Get it done, make it happen, reach for the stars! 

And if you’re a dreamer like me who won’t stop at anything to make the world your playground, would like to know more and isn’t already working with another Piphany Stylist, then let’s chat!  I’d love to get to know you and where you’d see your future as a Piphany Stylist. 

“Your dreams are only as unattainable as you believe they are.” -unknown 


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