Print Posted by Valerie Sexton on 09/12/2017

Why You Totally Need a LuLaRoe Monroe Before They Are Gone

What is the Monroe Kimono?

LuLaRoe's Monroe Kimono is a flowy kimono. It is oversized and comfortable but it has this gorgeous fringe that gives it that sassy look! It comes in a variety of prints and solids. You can find it in an amazing chiffon material and you can find it in the most beautiful lace. The fringe is often black but sometimes you will find another pretty fringe color that compliments the color of the monroe. The Monroe is very Boho Chic and in my opinion a MUST in every woman's wardrobe.

Why the Monroe is my go to on those BLAH days

We all have those days where we just don't feel like getting dressed. For me, that means I am hanging around the house in my leggings and a top. But what happens when I need to leave the house and want to look a bit more put together? Enter Monroe. You can easily transform an outfit from BLAH to WOW by throwing a Monroe over the top! It makes you look put together while you are out and no one knows that 10 minutes ago you were lounging around in half of that outfit.

The Monroe As a Swimsuit Cover Up!

The Monroe is THE cutest swimsuit cover up out there. Talk about taking your swimsuit game up a notch! The Monroe is exactly how you do that. Feel comfortable walking on the beach or by the pool in your swimsuit, you will love it!

The Monroe Over The Julia

Wearing the Monroe over LuLaRoe's Julia Dress is an awesome way to style your Julia. The Julia dress is a form fitting dress that can sometimes be intimidating as it shows off those curves! While I love wearing the Julia by itself, it does look amazing with a Monroe on top!

The Monroe's Discontinuation

At LuLaRoe's Convention in July 2017 they announced that the Monroe Kimono would be discontinued as they roll out the new styles. Soon you will start to see the Monroe supply dwindle down and they will be considered vintage LuLaRoe. They will become hard to find and highly sought after. Besides the fact that it is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe, the fact is you need one now because if you wait you will not have much to choose from. Head on over to my Facebook Community to see what Monroe's I have in stock before they are all gone forever.

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