Print Posted by Arlene Ashe on 06/14/2017

Where's Waldo? - Origami Owl will help you find him!

Where's Waldo? - Origami Owl will help you find him!

Origami Owl has a licensing agreement with Dreamworks.  Origami Owl first Dreamworks offering was an adorable collection of licensed Troll charms and accessories and they just launched a Where's Waldo Charm and a separate charm with his black glasses. Incidentally, the black glasses remind me of another popular character featured in a series of books and films.

If you grew up with Waldo or have children who did, be sure to grab these charms while you can or create a cute locket for a chain or bracelet featuring Waldo and charms to represent some of the sights he's seen.  

The look you see featured here has an adorable red and white striped leather wrap and a NEW large bracelet locket.  Inside are famous landmarks the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.  (Did you know that our Statue of Liberty's steel framework was designed by Eiffel himself and was a gift from France in 1886?) Also inside is a camera, a compass, Waldo's glasses and a faith charm accenting the entire look are some small Swarovski crystals we call Stardust.  You can find all of this and more ideas for your Where's Waldo locket here.

Come chat with me in my VIP Lounge on Facebook and share how you'd style your locket with Waldo.  There may also be news of some still to come charms you'll be sure to want for yourself or gift to another.

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