Print Posted by Windy Lawson on 06/13/2017

Where's Waldo? In an Origami Owl locket!

Where's Waldo? In an Origami Owl locket!

I spent more time than I’d care to admit in the ‘90s tracking down a certain gentlemen in a red and white striped shirt, beanie and black rimmed glasses. And finally, after years or searching I can answer the decades old question. Where’s Waldo? He's in an Origami Owl locket!

True story: I actually dated a guy in college who my brothers dubbed Waldo. But you’ll have to come join my Facebook VIP group to learn more about that.

Thanks to the Origami Owl partnership with DreamWorks Animation, you can add Waldo and his signature glasses to your locket look, for a limited time.

Even if you’re asking "who’s Waldo" instead of "where’s Waldo," you have to check out these charms. If you believe in magic, the glasses could represent a certain young wizard in your locket!

These two new officially-licensed, limited-edition (read: they will sell out FAST) charms are available beginning Tuesday, June 13 at 1 p.m. EDT, while supplies last. Get yours here. Then, be sure to join my Facebook VIP Group to make sure you never miss another limited edition release.

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