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What is Chalk Couture?

What is Chalk Couture?

Good question! Have you seen all those awesome chalkboard like decorations that are so trendy lately? They’re gorgeous right? I know I love them. But I don’t have fabulous handwriting or awesome hand lettering talent. 

Chalk Couture is a way you can make all those gorgeous pieces, over and over again, without learning a whole new skill set! We sell high end chalk boards, reusable transfers, and chalk paste that can be used to create endless designs to decorate your life. The chalk paste dries on surfaces so it can’t be simply rubbed off, but when  used on a properly prepared chalkboard surface, it can be easily erased with a wet cloth. Paired with our amazing reusable transfers, you can design an endless number of things. Truly the limit is your imagination. Other than chalkboards, these transfers and paste work on wood, glass, mirrors, metal, furniture, walls... see where I’m going here? I’ve even seen the transfers used with etching paste on glass! 

My favorite part about these products is definitely the versatility. I have personally used the transfers and chalkology paste on wood, glass, and metal in addition to the chalkboards it was designed for. And the company itself is built on beliefs I can stand behind and people I adore. There's so much to love here and so much more I'd love to show you!

To learn more about Chalk Couture, the products, the opportunity, and me, please join my community of crafters!

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