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The 5 dad's in my life

The 5 dad's in my life

There are many types of fathers in this world, the blue collar father, the corporate leader, the stay a home dad, the step father, the father figure. These are just a few of the ones I have had the privilege to know. I was raised by a man who actually wore three of these hats.

The blue collar father, a large percentage of these are shift workers, either up early, working late or even overnight. The luckiest of these get to spend a few hours a day with their children usually in the evening somewhere between dinner and bed. The rest well they are working just as hard but might get to see the kids on off days if they are lucky.

If these men are the sole income provider it's likely they don't get to spend much of it themselves. They literally do ALL the work and then someone else decides what to do with their earnings. I am not saying that's bad I am simply making an observation. Most of these men are happy with that arrangement, as it frees their minds to focus on more fulfilling activities, like spending time with their kids.

The corporate ladder dad, well this dad worked very hard to get a college education and land a great job. He probably started out in a blue collar job and worked his way up the ladder. These are typically 9-5 dads. They get up in the morning and greet their kids, maybe even have breakfast together on a Tuesday! They are usually home in time for dinner with the family and get quality time with their kids before bed. Occasionally these dads can also be seen on planes, trains, or driving for business trips they will video chat (Skype or FaceTime) with their families but sometimes they miss important events, like first steps, first dates, graduations, even births.

The SAHD, he is fairly new on the scene. He is home 24/7 taking on the role of main parent. He rarely misses anything when it comes to the kids milestones and achievements. He maintains the house, the kids' schedules and sometimes even the day to day finances. Does he miss working and bringing in an income? Yeah a little but be serious who wouldn't.

The step father, well what can I say a man willing to step in and finish what another man started is a hero in my book! I was raised by one, married one, and if my boys see a need take on that role in their future, I will be one proud momma.

The "father" figure, this one is pretty broad and can be filled by any male in a child's life. Sometimes it's a grandpa, an uncle, an older cousin, an older brother, a teacher. Everyone needs a positive male influence in their life.

No matter which hat you wear or how many... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

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