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Team Building Gifts with Origami Owl: Discover the CORE Collection

Team Building Gifts with Origami Owl: Discover the CORE Collection

Team Work Makes the Dream Work. 

This quote rings true whether you are a part of a team or a leader of one. I come across many team leaders in the direct sales world and have helped them create their team building gifts with Origami Owl jewelry!  Origami Owl's CORE Collection is the perfect way to celebrate and appreciate the hard working members of your team!

Welcome To The Team!

Origami Owl's CORE bangle bracelets are the perfect way to recognize a new team member! Start with one of our gold, rose gold, or silver bangle bracelets as a "Welcome to the Team" gift. The incentive is now to add onto this bracelet as they hit their goals and reach new levels within your team!

Follow Your Arrow Wherever It Points

Each pendant in Origami Ow's CORE collection has its own special meaning and significant reminder. Do you have a team member who has a focused goal they are trying to reach? Present them with the "Keep Aiming" Arrow Pendant so they remember to stay on track and crush those goals!

An Obstacle Is Sometimes A Stepping Stone

Is there a team member who has faced challenges head on in order to get to the place where they are today? Send them the gift of the "Overcoming Obstacles" Pinwheel Pendant to remember that no matter what obstacle, they will live for themselves and keep moving forward towards success!

Believe In Yourself & You Will Be Unstoppable

My personal favorite is a simple silver bangle bracelet with the "Trust" Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Pendant. I wear this every day to remind myself to trust in myself, trust in my team, and trust in the universe for all the success that will come my way.

There are endless options for team building gifts with Origami Owl. Our Origami Owl CORE Collection includes over 28 different pendants and you can be sure to find one that reminds you of each of your teammates. Start with a simple bangle bracelet and as team members reach their goals, add another pendant. Soon the entire team will be sparkling with success!

Need help with an idea for a perfect gift for your teammates? Comment below or send me a message! Let's work together to celebrate your team!

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