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Tastefully Simple: Gluten-free and No Gluten Ingredients

Tastefully Simple: Gluten-free and No Gluten Ingredients

Another very common question that I'm asked is, "Are Tastefully Simple's products gluten-free?" 

I'm delighted to answer that we have over 40 products in the product line that don't contain any gluten ingredients. We've even taken the extra step to clearly list this on our updated nutrition labels. At the time of this post, we offer three certified gluten free baking mixes. But, hurry, quantities on Gluten Free Beer Bread, Gluten Free Fudgey Brownies and Gluten Free Apple Cake (sold out) are limited. 

But what does that mean to me, exactly? 

Well, if you're avoiding gluten by personal choice, then you can enjoy much of our product line and be happy knowing that we don't add gluten where it doesn't belong. Tastefully Simple products labeled "no gluten ingredients" are made without ingredients that contain gluten.  You won't find gluten ingredients in many our seasonings and other products - the totally delicious Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup!

However, they are not tested to the FDA standards for a gluten-free designation. If your personal situation dictates that you can safely consume products that don't include gluten as an ingredient, dive right in. You can find detailed information on potential cross contamination at our manufacturing facilities, right on the product page at This will help you can make an informed decision, if you require only those products that are certified gluten-free.

We make it super easy for you to identify which products contain no gluten ingredients on the label (above), on the website as well as in the catalog.

For example, this is the detailed information for Blackberry Mojito Mix available on the website:  

This information is clearly labeled with a gray triangle in our catalog: 

You may have also noticed, that many of our products are labeled with the TS EatWell logo. You can learn more about that in an upcoming post.

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