Print Posted by Tammy Sarver on 04/20/2017

Show Some Skin! Just make sure you’ve got your SPF covered…

It’s FINALLY getting warm where I live! I’ve had my moonroof back and windows open in the car and on my house more than once. Have also had to close them a couple of hours later because well, it’s Indiana and that’s it works around here. I can’t wait until summer when the windows stay open all day and night! I LOVE being out in the sun, it puts me in a good mood and motivates me. It also burns me. It can’t be all glorious can it?

While enjoying our warm weather and sun the other evening I realized that our Florida vacation will be here very soon, as well as summer in general. My sunblock needs updated and so does my lip balm. And just in case I don’t get us covered in time (EEK!), I need some more after sun care. It happens…we know it shouldn’t but it does. Kind of like falling asleep with our makeup on. (EEK AGAIN!)

We all know sun care is important, not only when it’s summer time and the sun and shining upon as but anytime you’re outside or even driving a car! UV rays can penetrate through clouds and cause pre-mature aging…yuck. The good news? Mary Kay has you covered! (You knew that was coming right? We’re FABULOUS!!!)

SPF 15

SPF 30
  • TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Day Cream $52 (MK SITE)
  • TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer $24 (MK SITE)
  • MKMEN Advanced Facial Hydrator $24 (MK SITE)
  • TimeWise Day Solution (SPF 35) $32 (MK SITE)

SPF 50
Sun Care Sun Screen $20 (MK SITE)

Sun Care After-Sun Replenishing Gel $15 (MK SITE)
This stuff not only soothes burnt skin, but helps turn your burn into a tan and isn't greasy!

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