Print Posted by Windy Lawson on 07/20/2017

Request an Origami Owl catalog

Request an Origami Owl catalog

As a child, I loved going through my grandma’s JC Penney and Sears catalogs. These huge beasts of ink and paper could hold my attention for hours! Clothes, toys, random exercise equipment, luggage, they never seemed to end.

Today, I do most of my shopping online and the ginormous catalogs seem to be a thing of the past. As convenient as online shopping is (I’m pretty sure I would die without Amazon Prime), there is something magical about having an actual catalog in your hand.

That’s why I love getting my Origami Owl catalog each season. It makes it so convenient to see all the new styles and jewelry styling I never would have considered.

If you’re like me, you can request an Origami Owl catalog and I will be happy to mail one, along with a free jewelry polishing cloth, to you. The Origami Owl catalog comes out twice a year, one for the Spring and one for the Fall collection. Even if you recently saw a catalog, it’s possible there are all new charms, lockets, earrings and other limited edition items that were just released.

Request your free Origami Owl catalog here

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