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Origami Owl Promos, Discounts, and Sales: 4 Ways To Find The Best Origami Owl Deals

Origami Owl Promos, Discounts, and Sales:  4 Ways To Find The Best Origami Owl Deals

We ALL love a good deal. I'm always on the hunt for ways to save when I'm purchasing Origami Owl jewelry, and I wrote a little bit about that in my Origami Owl Gifts for Every Budget post. I'm here now to let you in on a little secret about Origami Owl and how to save your hard-earned money when buying their awesome jewelry!

Everyone Loves A Sale

Not many customers know that Origami Owl has a sale section of their website. Yes, really! Each month, the sale section is updated with items that will be retiring and the sale starts at a generous 25% off the retail price.

Be sure to check there first for half off charms and discounted lockets and chains! If you are looking to add to your awesome Origami Owl jewelry collection, this is the way to go!

Gift Sets Galore

One of the best ways to purchase an Origami Owl locket is to purchase the entire set for one low price. Normally, Origami Owl has a special promotion that features a trending cause. Think teachers, graduates, moms, etc. 

Be sure to look at the Occasions section of the website to find all of the gift sets that when purchased, are a lower price compared to if the pieces were purchased separately.

Be In The Know

Curious how to keep up to date with these special Origami Owl promotions and discounts? Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and you will receive all of the latest on new collections and limited time special offers.

Go to my website, enter your information in the bottom right-hand corner and I'll make sure you are on the list!

Join and Save

My favorite way to help customers save is to show how to maximize your value by purchasing an Origami Owl starter kit. The retail value of the jewelry inside the kits are way above the price you pay and you receive a discount off of future purchases and commission of any sales. 

You are by no means required to sell or build an origami owl business. By purchasing the starter kit and buying Origami Owl jewelry at a discount, just makes you a smart shopper :-)

Click here to take a peek at all the starter kits that Origami Owl offers.

If you are still looking for ways to save on your Origami Owl jewelry, be sure to reach out to me here on Sassy Direct or send an email to I'm happy to work with any budget and if you need some more inspiration on budget friendly gifts, take a look at this post here   

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