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Origami Owl Minion Collection: Universal Studios Collaboration!

Origami Owl Minion Collection: Universal Studios Collaboration!

Do you have a minion fan in your family? Are you excited about the new Despicable Me 3 movie coming out? Those silly minions make me laugh and are always yammering on about bananas! I am really excited to share with you the collaboration between Universal Studios and Origami Owl! Let's take a peek at how Origami Owl is collaborating with Universal Studios by bringing the exclusive Minon collection to personalized jewelry!

You may remember Origami Owl teamed up with Dreamworks last year to bring you the exclusive Trolls collection. I mean, who doesn't love Poppy and her infinite positivity? Hey, I'm not giving up today...

Origami Owl has been working really hard this past year and has been collaborating with Universal Studios to bring you special edition Origami Owl charms, gifts sets, and accessories to celebrate everything Minions and the new Despicable Me 3 movie!

Origami Owl Minion Charms

All of the new Minion charms are oh so cute! Click to check out all of the new additions to the collection, including the exclusive Despicable Me Minions Swarovski Crystal Charm Pack

Origami Owl Minion Living Lockets


It's a Minion Life For Me Locket $77

As Fluffy as a Unicorn Locket $75

We Are Family Wrap Bracelet Locket $73

Three's Never a Crowd $53

Origami Owl Minion Gift Sets


This Is Bananas!

The official Origami Owl Despicable Me 3 Collection complete with Minion Lockets are available for purchase today! Want in on the sneak peeks and access to purchase before any new collection goes live? 

Origami Owl has a $2 Join special happening from June 16th through June 30th. See where I'm going with this? 

Sign up for Origami Owl for $2 and you will have access to purchase any new collection before it is released AND you will be purchasing all of the jewelry at the designer discount price! This IS bananas!

So grab your Origami Owl Minions Jewelry then follow me here to see what other benefits you get as an Origami Owl Designer and in the meantime, go Bananas!

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