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Origami Owl Living Lockets Unveiled - How Many Charms Can They Hold?

Origami Owl Living Lockets Unveiled - How Many Charms Can They Hold?

As an Independent Designer with Origami Owl, I get asked a lot of questions time and time again. One of the most popular questions is, "How many charms fit in my Origami Owl Living Locket?" 

It is a valid question and the answer varies at times! I'm here to unveil the secret behind the Origami Owl Living Lockets and just how many charms you can fit into each special locket!!

Legacy Locket

This stunning Origami Owl Living Locket is the largest of all of the lockets available. It is surrounded by over 60 individual Swarovski crystals and can hold between 12-15 charms. 

Large Living Locket

The most popular size Origami Owl Living Locket is the large one. Holding between 7-10 charms, it makes the perfect foundation piece for anyone new to Origami Owl jewelry. 

Medium Living Locket

Slightly smaller, and the size on all of our Origami Owl Wrap Bracelets, the Medium Living Locket holds between 4-6 charms. 

Mini Living Locket

Perfect for all the little girls in our lives, the mini living locket can hold 1-2 good sized charms along with any of our beautiful colored Swarovski Stardust Crystals.

Heart Shaped Living Locket

A special heart shaped Origami Owl Living Locket for that someone special in your life. Holding between 5-7 lockets, the Heart Shaped Living Locket is specially hinged and features a magnetic closure to keep those charms safely tucked inside. 

Heirloom Locket

With an opening like the Heart Shaped Living Locket above, this unique Heirloom Locket is a classic look that holds between 7-10 sparkly charms.

Living Locket Watch

Completely adjustable, the new Origami Owl Living Locket Watch features a stunning timepiece that holds between 8-10 charms. 

Heirloom Locket Ring

Available in 4 sizes for a perfect fit, this exclusive new addition to the Origami Owl Living Locket collection will really turn heads! 4-6 charms are secured with a hinged closure and the vintage milgrain detail is stunning!

With all of these gorgeous lockets, remember to add a little sparkle & shine to your look. Each pack of Swarovski Stardust includes tiny crystals that put the finishing touch on any special Origami Owl Living Locket. Purchase one of our Live Sparkly Swarovski Stardust Packs and 100% of the profits go to Origami Owl's Live Sparkly Campaign

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