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Origami Owl Hostess Rewards: Free Jewelry, Yes Please!

Origami Owl Hostess Rewards: Free Jewelry, Yes Please!

Have you had your eye on some pretty Origami Owl pieces and wish there was a way to get your hands on everything on your wish list? There is a way and it's easier than you think! 

When you work with an Origami Owl Independent Designer, you have the awesome opportunity to be a hostess of your own jewelry bar. What does that mean exactly? Simply put, any order that you make, (and any of your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers etc.) all go towards your unique Origami Owl link and turn into hostess rewards!

What Are Origami Owl Hostess Rewards?

Hostess rewards equal free and discounted Origami Owl jewelry. It's that simple! When you contact me to create a unique jewelry bar link, you receive your very own personalized Origami Owl website link to share and begin collecting orders. As each order comes in, it gets applied to your online jewelry bar link and your hostess rewards will start stacking up.

How Do I Receive Hostess Rewards

As each order rolls in, your hostess rewards will be unlocked. To unlock hostess rewards your need a total of $250 in sales and 4 separate orders. You have time to accumulate orders and the more time and more orders mean more hostess rewards! 

What Can I Buy With Origami Owl Hostess Rewards

Once your hostess rewards are unlocked, you can use the hostess reward balance for anything on the Origami Owl website. Gift sets, Sale Items, Charms, whatever it is, it is yours   

Depending on your total sale amount, you also will have a 1/2 off item and a significant discount off of that month's hostess rewards jewelry incentive. Want to know what this month's incentive is? Send me a message and I'll share the details with you!

Do I have to participate in an in-home or online party for Origami Owl Hostess Rewards?

Traditionally, the answer is yes, however, I am one of the few consultants who help hostesses qualify for rewards without having an in-home or online party. Send me a message and we can go into detail about how this works and the best ways for you to get to unlocking your hostess rewards.

I LOVE Receiving Origami Owl Hostess Rewards....what's next?

If you love the idea of sharing your love of Origami Owl jewelry and receiving free jewelry in return, I highly suggest taking a peek at my post about the benefits of being an Origami Owl Independent Designer! Not only are you able to accrue hostess rewards for yourself, you will earn commission on any order that comes in. Soon you'll need a new jewelry box for your ever growing collection! 

If you love earning things for free and want a little bang for your buck, consider being a hostess of your own Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and earn everything on your wish list!

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