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Origami Owl Gifts for Every Budget!

Origami Owl Gifts for Every Budget!

I don't know about you, but I buy tons of gifts for my family, friends, and for special occasions. It seems there is always a birthday to celebrate, a wedding or bridal shower to attend, or a new baby to welcome into the world! As an Origami Owl® Independent Designer, I help others create wonderful, personalized lockets that tell a story of someone's life or a special milestone. But like you, I find getting a gift for all of these special moments can get expensive! So I've created a list of Origami Owl gifts for every budget, whether big or small.

Origami Owl Gifts $25 and Under!

If you need a gift to say, "thank you", or "I appreciate you", Origami Owl's Core Collection is the perfect place to find an inexpensive gift for that special someone. Pair one of our dainty Bangle Bracelets with any one of our Core Mementos for a gift that is only $22!

For someone who has already been given the gift of an Origami Owl Living Locket, a new set of charms to represent a special moment in their lives is the perfect gift. Each charm is $5 and adding a few more sparkles to their locket will not go unnoticed!

Origami Owl Gifts $50 and Under!

A wonderful surprise for a new bride, new mom, or even your new love, is an Origami Owl Living Locket set on a simple necklace or wrap bracelet. Pair a medium twist living locket along with a necklace chain or stylish wrap bracelet and spend no more than $50!

If your gift recipient prefers earrings, Origami Owl's Earring Collection is the perfect gift under $50. Studs, hoops, dangles, there are earring styles for everyone!

Origami Owl Gifts $100 and Under!

If you have a little more to spend, and would like to send a complete Origami Owl gift set, look no further than our Origami Owl Featured Sets Collection. Many sets are under $100 and include not only the locket and charms but, the necklace chain as well. If you are looking for a simple way to shop Origami Owl products, our Featured Sets Page is the way to go.

Origami Owl Gifts $150 and Up!

For anyone totaling up their Origami Owl shopping cart, if you are nearing the $150 mark, the way to go is to purchase the Origami Owl Independent Designer Start-Up Kit. The value you receive from the amount of jewelry in the kit is amazing. The amount of the charms alone in the start up kit is $365! By purchasing a kit you do not have to make Origami Owl a business (unless you want to!), you are just a smart shopper! If you are looking to maximize your value and receive over $550 worth of Origami Owl jewelry for only $159, the start-up kit is the best choice!

Want more Origami Owl Gifts on a Budget ideas? Head on over HERE to take a peek at my Origami Owl Budget Gifts Photo Album!

I hope this list of Origami Owl gift ideas for every budget has helped you narrow down your gift giving choices. It is the thought that counts, and what better way to celebrate than with a one of a kind unique piece of jewelry! If you have a budget to stick to and a story to celebrate, contact me and let's work together to create the perfect gift!

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