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Origami Owl FAQ: 7 Common Questions and Answers

Origami Owl FAQ: 7 Common Questions and Answers

You may be thinking of joining Origami Owl or you may be a brand new designer! Welcome! I had a TON of questions before I joined Origami Owl and then again after I received my fabulous start-up kit in the mail. So I thought it best to answer 7 Origami Owl frequently asked questions that come up all the time!

What is Origami Owl?

I still get this question when I share what direct sales company I am with! I simply reply that Origami Owl is a custom jewelry company known for sharing stories through our signature Living Lockets, Charms, and other jewelry accessories. When someone sees one of my living lockets for the first time, they usually ask....

What is the easiest way to build a living locket?

It can seem overwhelming at first to visit the Origami Owl website and see all of the choices of lockets and charms and accessories. I like to begin by asking what story they would like their locket to tell. Maybe they want to celebrate their family? Or a special trip? Picking out a handful of sparkly charms is a good start. Then you can move on to choosing the locket that will fit those charms! I also have a handy step by step guide on how to build a fabulous living locket!

Can you really make money with Origami Owl?

The quickest answer to this is....YES! If you are one of the many Origami Owl customers who love wearing our jewelry, I am sure you get comments at the grocery store, at the park, or at work about your necklace or special wrap bracelet. As an Independent Designer with Origami Owl, you can earn anywhere from 20%-50% commission on every item you sell. You also have access to the limited collections before they are released to the public and can buy any item at the wholesale price. Many Origami Owl Independent Designers find their customers through social media and hold Facebook Parties throughout each month. The more you put into your Origami Owl business the more income you can bring in each month!

Why is the Origami Owl start-up kit so expensive?

I get this exact question A LOT. The beginning start-up kit from Origami Owl is $159 and at first glance, that does seem like a good chunk of change. They key here is, the value of the start-up kit is over $550! Here's what is included in the $159 start-up kit:

58 Assorted Charms

3 Living Lockets

3 Chains and Chain Accessories

2 Dangles

1 Window Plate

1 Plate

20 Take Out Menus

1 Designer Take Out Menu

1 Starter Booklet

12 Thank You Cards + Envelopes

25 Customer Order Forms

25 Postcard Invitations

5 Jewelry Bar Planners

1 Discount Card for Business Cards via

5 Pairs Of Charm Tweezers (For Selecting Charms)

5 Glass Votives (For Holding Charms)

4 Fortune Cookies (For Packaging Lockets)

6 Take Out Boxes (New)

1 Charm Case

2 Easel Signs

What are the requirements for being an Active Designer with Origami Owl?

Like any direct sales company, there are certain thresholds you need to meet to continue being an active designer and earning 20%-50% commission each month. Origami Owl requires 99PV (Personal Volume) to be met each month. If you drop below, do not worry. In the event, you are below this and you are listed as an inactive designer, you still have access to your free website and you still earn 15% commission off of any sale!

How do I sign up to be an Origami Owl Independent Designer?

Origami Owl's website makes it easy to sign up. Visit the website HERE and choose which start-up kit you would like. The larger kits provide more value and a lot more jewelry. The bigger kits are perfect for those who are interested in doing vendor events and having a lot of jewelry on hand.

I'm a new Origami Owl Independent Designer! Where should I start?!

It does seem overwhelming at first when you have received your start-up kit and are ready to start growing your Origami Owl business! My best advice is to speak with your mentor and go over some of the basic goals you have in mind for yourself and your business. If you don't have a mentor just yet, consider reaching out to me and I'd be happy to walk you through the basics of the Origami Owl business and how best to start your direct sales journey!

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