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Origami Owl Fall Collection; filled with Magic and Whimsey

Origami Owl Fall Collection; filled with Magic and Whimsey

Origami Owl just wrapped up their 2017 convention in Phoenix, Arizona.  I'll tell you what, the weather wasn't the only thing that was HOT!  The Fall collection was revealed and there are some really sizzling, sparkling new pieces.

Origami Owl bar locket, balloon animal charmI think my favorite is a new style locket that we call the "Bar locket".  It's rectangular and approximately 1.5 " x .5".  It has an attached, adjustable 16-18" chain.  Tell your story in this one on July 25th. Can you tell what's inside that locket?  This is a new charm for us.  It's the most adorable balloon animal charm in hot pink.

Gunmetal is a hot trend in jewelry right now. gunmetal locket with multi colored crystals If you haven't seen it, you will!  Leave it to Origami Owl to be right on top of the trends and have several new pieces in Gunmetal which is a hematite black with a touch of shine vs a flat black. 

They didn't forget the black, though.  silver watch, black watch, gold watchCheck out this gorgeous new Black signature watch!  Add some charms or our new abracadabra stardust to create your own custom look.

These are just a few highlights. There are so many beautiful new sophisticated pieces in addition to the whimsy you see here. If you'd like to see the entire collection when it launches on July 25th, 2017, pop on over to my VIP lounge on Facebook to request your catalog or to keep up to date on offers and styling ideas. I'd love to get to know you and help you capture your story.  

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