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How to Throw the Ultimate Origami Owl Launch Party!

How to Throw the Ultimate Origami Owl Launch Party!

Congratulations! You have made the decision, you are taking the leap, and are going to start the journey of becoming an Origami Owl® Independent Designer! Your start up kit is on its way! You may be thinking, what do I do first? The number one thing to focus on after you have joined Origami Owl is to set up your own launch party. I'm here to give you all of the best tips on how to throw the ultimate Origami Owl launch party!

Let's Get Ready to Party!

First, let's talk about the reasons WHY you should throw an Origami Owl launch party. Of course, it is fun but, there are some strategic reasons to be your own hostess!

  • It gives you the opportunity to share the beginning of your journey. Tell new customers and party guests why you joined Origami Owl and you will begin to get comfortable sharing your new passion!
  • Hostess Rewards! Not only will you begin earning commission off of any sale, you will also accumulate the hostess rewards! Depending on the rewards at the time, this can be the perfect way to stock up on popular items to keep as inventory for future vendor events or extra incentive prizes for in-home and online jewelry bars.
  • Social media marketing is the key to a successful Origami Owl business. Hosting your own launch party will allow you to control how the event is set up, how the guests are invited, and how the products are presented. Think of this as your template for your parties in the future. Figure out the kinks now and future hostesses will appreciate the seamless process of hosting their own jewelry bars!

Facebook Launch Party Tips

Now onto the good stuff! Just how are you going to throw the ultimate Origami Owl launch party? Use all of these tips together and you will make your initial investment back plus more!

  • Before your kit arrives, share your passion with Origami Owl with anyone you feel comfortable with! It is possible to reach goals within Origami Owl even before your kit is delivered! Aim to get 4 sales totaling up to $250 before your kit arrives so that anything purchased from your launch party on is just boosting your hostess rewards!
  • Throw an "Open the Box" party in your own home. Invite your closest friends and family to be there when you open your start up kit. Share the excitement! Have someone take a video of you opening the box then...
  • Create an online "Open the Box" party after your in-home party. This way, guests from out of town can join in the fun! 
  • On your personal Facebook page, share your story of how you became an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. Upload a quick video of you beginning to open your start up kit and end the video. Ask the viewer to request an invite to your Facebook Open the Box Event Page to see the full video reveal!
  • During your launch party, make sure to include your "why" story. Answer the questions of how you heard about Origami Owl, what the jewelry means to you, and how you will benefit from by being an Independent Designer. Maybe you are looking for extra income for fun family trips? Or you want to connect with other great women like yourself. Whatever it is, share your "why" and guests will appreciate the personal connection.
  • Share your very first purchase from Origami Owl and the story behind it. Your guests will love to hear how meaningful your personal charms are and the story it tells.
  • Whether in-home or online, encourage the guests to share which stories they would love to create using Origami Owl Living Lockets and the fun charms. Your start up kit comes with all the necessary tools for you to create personalized looks for your guests. Have your website up at the same time and your guests will see how easy it is to create a living locket of their own!
  • Ask your guests who would love to be the first to earn free and discounted Origami Owl jewelry and present them with the options for an in-home or online party, they can see how fun and easy a party can be! Aim to fill up your calendar for the next two months and have fun sharing your passion for Origami Owl!
  • You may have found your open the box party has gotten some guests excited to order! This is great! If you find a guest order is totaling up to (or above!) the amount of a start-up kit, offer them the idea of purchasing a kit for themselves purely to maximize their value with the amount of jewelry they receive for such a low price! The value of the charms in the start up kit is $335!! The value of the entire kit is over $700!

I'm so happy you decided to join Origami Owl and hope all of these tips on how to throw the ultimate Origami Owl launch party bring you success! How great will it be knowing your start up kit investment has been paid off and you start earning income right away! I'd love to hear how these tips have helped you! Still looking for what to do now that you are a new Origami Owl Independent Designer? Check out these 5 things to do first!

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