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How to Find Direct Sales Vendor Events: 4 Places to Look!

How to Find Direct Sales Vendor Events: 4 Places to Look!

Whether you are in direct sales, own your own Etsy shop, or simply make and sell crafts from your home, direct sales vendor events are great ways to introduce your company and product to a new customer base! How to find vendor events in your area is a question that pops up a lot. I've put together a list of 4 ways to find vendor events in your local area.

Local Facebook Groups

Do you belong to any local Facebook groups? A community discussion board or neighborhood watch group? Seek out these types of groups on Facebook and begin engaging in the conversation. Most local events start on Facebook and the key is to connect with the organizer to ensure you are included in the upcoming local event.

I personally belong to a few moms groups on Facebook and many of us work from home. Someone will mention an event coming up and seek out fellow consultants to do the event with. It helps to stay connected locally as many events start off from a simple post in a Facebook group!

Holiday / Craft Fairs

We all know that towards the end of each year there are many holiday and craft fairs that happen annually. Reach out to the organizers of these events and ask what the requirements are to be included! Once booked, be friendly with other vendors to see what direct sales vendor events are coming up in future months.

Keep a calendar of these annual events that are in your community and be proactive. Stay in touch with the group or venue holding these yearly events and develop that personal connection. You may be surprised when they think of you first when an event is being set up!

School Events

As the new school year rolls around, so do the fundraisers and school events. Many have an annual event to raise funds for the school and require a small fee plus an item to raffle. Don't forget to include your business card with any raffle item you donate!

Follow the Facebook page of local schools as many begin looking for vendors even before the school year starts. If you have kids in school, become involved and stay up to date on what events the school has and how you can help out and be a part of the event!

Create Your Own!

Do you have a few local friends who also have home-based businesses? Get together and seek out a location in your area that may allow you to set up your tables in exchange for a small fee. Some local businesses may appreciate the opportunity of exposure and have your direct sales vendor events be free! Always remember to respect the space offered and leave the place exactly as you found it.

I have personally done this with 3 other local direct sales consultants. A local business agreed to let us set up our tables in one corner of the coffee shop for a few hours. Our advertisement of the small event brought new customers to the shop. And those who were coming in for a quick coffee or bite to eat were able to mingle and learn all about our products and businesses. It was a win-win!

With these ideas, you should now know how to find vendor events in your local area. Once you have found your event, head on over to my Vendor Event Tips post to see what things you will need!

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