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Horizontal Stripes, fashion do or don't?

Horizontal Stripes, fashion do or don't?

What’s the deal with horizontal stripes?

So many times I have heard from my friends, “ugh, I can’t/shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because they make me look wide/short/etc...”  Heck, it was even said by more than one gal at our Honey & Lace team training!  Dianne, the Honey & Lace owner/designer, rebutted that and said everyone can wear horizontal stripes. I don’t profess to be a fashion maven or know it all but I have heard the age-old “rule” that horizontal stripes are unflattering.  And so I did what I do best, I researched this topic and here is what I found: EVERYONE can wear horizontal stripes!  In fact some scientist did a study that actually found that stripes that go left to right actually make an object look thinner and taller (explained by how the brain works which is complicated and who really cares LOL) but people aren’t fixed objects so what it comes down to is individual style, fit and of course confidence!

Here are some tips that I have found in order to rock a horizontal stripe:

  • If you are a shorty like me try wearing horizontal stripes on only half of your look. And try to use the usual styling tips that help elongate your frame :)

  • Taller gals, lucky you, you have height which means stripes are “easier” for you to rock!  Be a bit bolder and try wearing a taller horizontal stripe.

  • Are you a bit boxy, or have a fit frame?  Try wearing stripes that alternate dark and light.

  • Have an hourglass shape and you're afraid the stripes will accentuate your bust and hips? First of all, from someone who has very little shape, be proud of yours!  Now onto horizontal stripes- try thinking outside the box and wearing stripes made out of patterns. 

  • Where are my curvy girls at?  I hear it from you the most that you “can’t” wear horizontal stripes. First of all, only you can determine what makes you feel Bright, Bold and Beautiful but, I would challenge you (or anyone for that matter) to step outside your comfort zone! If you are new to wearing horizontal stripes because you thought you couldn’t, maybe start slow and break up the horizontal stripes by pairing them with a solid.

Try these tips out and you’ll figure out what you like and don’t like on your body.  But only you can decide that and you should decide, for YOURSELF, don’t let anyone or any fashion “rule” decide for you :)

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