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Feather Nail Art Using GelMoment

Feather Nail Art Using GelMoment


I want to share something super fun with you, Feather Nail Art. This nail art is so easy that anyone can do it (trust me, ANYONE CAN DO THIS!).

I love the feather, it's so trendy right now!

First, you need to start with a dotting tool, I like these ones:

Then, you need 3 colours of nail polish, I have chosen Midnight Walk (September's Colour of the Month), Amalia and Beauty Queen, but choose any three you like.

Start by placing a drop of one of the colours on your nail:

Then, near the top of that dot, add a dot of your second colour (stack them like you are building a snowman):

Then, on top of that, add your third colour, the snowman's head:

Once you have that, grab your dotting tool and drag it through all three colours, start at the bottom and make a little tail going towards the base of your nail, then, go through all three colours and come out the top to make your tip:

Now, we don't have to worry about this polish drying, so you can play around with this part until you are happy with it. Now that you have connected your dots, you want to take your tool and make small flicking motions from the centre of the dot to the outside, feathering (if you may) the polish:

And eventually, it will look like this:

I love this, it doesn't have to be perfect to still look awesome.

If you want to see it again, here is a video tutorial. Bonus, this video has a hidden tip!

Try it out for yourself and send me your photos!

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