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Create an Origami Owl Living Locket: 5 Simple Steps to Share Your Story

Create an Origami Owl Living Locket: 5 Simple Steps to Share Your Story

Have you seen a gorgeous photo of Origami Owl jewelry, or admired your friend's necklace and wondered just how it is all chosen and put together? Do you ever visit the website and wonder where to start? Don't worry! I'm here to help! There are 5 easy steps and I will walk you through exactly how to create your own Origami Owl Living Locket that everyone will love!


It's great to start with Origami Owl charms! What kind of story are you going to tell? Charms are the little gems that help you showcase your favorite things, a special trip, your wonderful family, or even your dreams for the future! Start with a few main charms and add some Swarovski crystals and Swarovski stardust to make your locket really sparkle!


Next, comes the Living Locket! The best one will depend on how many charms you would like to showcase as well as your favorite color and shape. Origami Owl Living Lockets come in two different designs. A hinged locket opens from the side and our twist face lockets twist off so you can mix and match different faces. There are so many choices! Think about what would be a great foundation piece to start with! If you are having trouble, check out the Starter Lockets for inspiration!


The main thing I ask a customer is where they would like the locket to hang on their body. Do you wear necklaces closer to the neck? Do you prefer them to hang towards your midsection? Depending on your preference, you will want to look at shorter vs. longer chains. Don't forget, it is fine to mix metals! A silver locket on a rose gold chain is very pretty and unique!


Plates are accessories that fit inside the different Origami Owl Living Lockets. There are some that are ready to go with quotes and sayings on them. If you want to remember a special date, popular quote, or person in your life you can have the plate inscribed with the phrase of your choosing! Inscriptions are the best way to ensure your locket is one of a kind!


These pretty accents are perfect to pair with your Origami Owl Living Locket or, wear them on their own! They add a little bit of movement and a whole lot of sparkle to your piece. Origami Owl even offers a dangle that you can insert a photo into to keep those special memories close to your heart!

In 5 easy steps, you will have created a personalized, special piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift! I am happy to help you with ideas on what charms to choose or which chain goes best with the lockets. Or, if you like sets that are already created for you, check out Origami Owl's Featured Gift Sets for complete looks! Creating your Origami Owl Living Locket is fun and helps you to live life sparkly!

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