Print Posted by Nicole Morris on 06/18/2017

Be like Bob the spider

Be like Bob the spider

This is Bob.
 Bob is a spider.

 Bob has lived at our house, in the same tree for a very long time. Possibly many spider years.

 I can't say when he first moved in and started building his web. It could have taken me days or weeks to notice he was there.
 He built his web . I bet he was super proud! 

 We had a massive storm!!! The day after Bob was gone. And his web was damaged.
 Bob returned and he built his web bigger , better and stronger then ever.
 This has happened 4 or 5 times now. Just when I think he has given up for good.... he comes back... he rebuilds and goes on with his happy spider life.

 Bob reminded me of us boss babes
 The storms are hiccups with our business or life in general.
 They are bumps in the road.
 So often these bumps can bring us down, they create fear, disbelief in ourselves and they often lead to the end of the road.
 So we need to be more Like Bob....
 We need to ride it through, we need to fall forward, we need to keep building.... bigger, better and stronger every single time!
 Bob does not give up but neither do we!!!!!  
 Who wants to be Like Bob???

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