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5 minute/5 product Back to School makeup for teachers or students

5 minute/5 product Back to School makeup for teachers or students

With 5 minutes or less and 5 products or less, getting out the door for back to school is essential.

This 20 second time lapse video took just under 5 minutes to apply with extra time to include eyeshadow and bronzer! Click on the arrow to scroll over and see the video. Make sure to follow and comment on how long your morning routine usually takes.

For teachers:

Concealer- hide the dark circles from staying up all night

Foundation- even out skin tone

Brow liner- as we age our brows fade and disappear

Epic Mascara- no fibers or mess, just add length, volume, and curl.  Top and bottom to define your eyes.

Lips of your choice- I prefer Splash liquid lipstick for long lasting wear without worrying about reapplication. Comes in matte or metallic.

With the extra time, I do eye shadow (Splurge cream eye shadow goes on quick!) and bronzer for some added dimension to my face.

For students:

Concealer- cover blemishes 

Foundation- even out skin tone

Eye shadow- add some color and help your eyes pop.  I use a cream eyeshadow for quick application and long lasting wear.

Mascara- add volume, length and curl with Epic mascara

Lips- soft and subtle color using fruit oils in our Lip Bon Bons lip balm treatment, comes in 5 shades.

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