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4 Ways To Sell Origami Owl: Your Business Your Way

4 Ways To Sell Origami Owl: Your Business Your Way

I recently wrote about the benefits of being an Origami Owl Independent Designer. Being a part of a direct sales company also allows you to have the ultimate in flexibility. You are able to work your business your way and you are the ultimate decider on how you want to meet new customers, grow your team, and grow your Origami Owl business. 

I'd love to share with you 4 different ways you can sell Origami Owl

How To Sell Origami Owl In Person

In person vendor events and in-home Jewelry Bars are great ways to showcase your Origami Owl jewelry and make that personal connection with your customers and future hostesses and teammates. Your audience is able to see the size of the lockets, try on the different necklaces and accessories, and talk with you in real time about their budget and jewelry needs

Vendor events and in-home jewelry bars are great ways to meet new people, collaborate with other direct sales consultants, and get your name out there in your local community. If you have always wanted to join Origami Owl, but are not sure about the time you can devote to events and in-home parties, then the next topic is just for you!

How To Sell Origami Owl With Facebook Parties

Facebook parties are really popular with direct sales companies because it allows you to work your business right from your computer and connect with a group of people who may be spread out across the country! Origami Owl Facebook parties are a fun way to showcase the different collections, play fun online games, and grow your Origami Owl business by holding multiple parties a week. 

The key to a great Origami Owl Facebook party is to set up an exclusive event, showcase an Origami Owl Collection and get your guests engaged and excited about the jewelry they are looking forward to purchasing. 

How To Sell Origami Owl With Personal Appointments

Another way to sell Origami Owl is to connect with your customers one on one and set up personal appointments. Whether that be in person, or online, it is possible to set aside 15-30 minutes to share Origami Owl with a customer and take the time to customize their experience. 

Origami Owl jewelry showcases individual stories, personal triumphs, and special memories. Having an in-depth conversation about the reason behind their purchase, the budget they would like to stay within, and offering a personalized experience will result in customers for life. 

How To Sell Origami Owl Online

In addition to Origami Owl Facebook partiesPinterest and Instagram are great ways to highlight your Origami Owl jewelry and business and attract the attention of brand new customers and team members. 

It takes a little work and determination, but it is quite possible to grow your Origami Owl business with these social media channels. 

The beauty of joining Origami Owl and having an Origami Owl business is that you get to decide just how much, and where, you want to work your business. Work from home or have fun doing in-person events and parties, and share your love of Origami Owl! Be sure to check out all the awesome benefits of being an Origami Owl Independent Designer!

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